EdgeIX supercharges to 400G!

EdgeIX is pleased to announce the launch of 400G ports on our Sydney peering fabric.

Joe Wooller, EdgeIX Technical Manager, said “We are incredibly proud to be the first exchange operator in Australia with the capability to bring 400G peering to market. Since the launch of our Sydney peering fabric in 2020, we have seen substantial increase in the bandwidth being provisioned by peers, and our new 400G capability will help provide further expansion options for those peers who are pushing the limits of multiple 100G ports. EdgeIX continues to evolve our peering fabric in response to feedback from our peers, and we look forward to expanding the availability of 400G to our other locations in due course.”

400G ports are initially available at our NEXTDC S1 PoP, with other locations in Sydney to follow in the near future, and are priced at $3200 per month plus installation fee.

EdgeIX trial ports are available on a no-obligation basis to all new networks who are interested in connecting to our peering fabric. If you’re interested in getting connected to the fastest growing internet exchange in Australia, with connectivity now available at 22 locations, please contact our team via peering@edgeix.net or https://edgeix.net/discord/

About EdgeIX: EdgeIX is an independent operator of multi-lateral layer 2 internet exchanges across Australia. With a focus on enabling connectivity to under-served regional markets, and with over 20 years industry experience in the telecommunications space and operation of internet exchanges, our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class products and services.